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Using Kajabi to create a Membership or Course for Your Niche

course kajabi membership niche Oct 20, 2021

Using Kajabi to create a Membership or Course for Your Niche


Kajabi helps people to create and scale their businesses online. It is an all-in-one platform with various uses. Today you will read how to use Kajabi to build a membership site for your niche and why you need one.


What Is A Membership Site?


A membership site is a site available only to paid members. You can set a fee for those who want to join and read your content. The fees can be monthly or annual. If you don't update the content, you can request a one-time fee.


Both membership sites and courses include content that you give for a specific price. The difference is that membership sites allow members to have access to the content if they keep paying their membership. A course can be a specific part of your content that teaches something.

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How To Create A Membership Site Or Course With Kajabi


Whether you build a membership site or a course, you need to teach other people a topic you already know. So, the first part is to identify what you can offer in your niche and create the content. For example, you can create a course about teachers who want to get online jobs. You can include both videos and articles that show the process.


Creating content requires some research because you need to have the updated information. Many marketers share content for free on blogs and websites that you can use to get ideas and find ways to offer something valuable.


Once you have content to sell, you can start building your website. Kajabi will go through a step-by-step creation process that you can use to upload content, create landing pages, use lead magnets, and build your email list. 


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Promote Your Membership Site


Even if you create the best membership site in your niche, you can't get new members without promotions. People must learn about your website before joining it. A fast way to send some people on your homepage is by placing some ads in different programs. For example, you can use Google Ads or Facebook Ads.


If you have a tight budget, you can consider promotion on free platforms like social media, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and forums. However, free promotions will take time even if you do all the right things.


Get Feedback


People who join membership sites and courses love to leave feedback. They can leave both positive and negative feedback, but you need to evaluate it in both cases. Feedback allows you to figure out what works, what you need to improve, and how to scale your business. 


If many members need information about a relevant topic, you can offer them an upsell or an upgraded membership when you add more content. Your business needs to handle your existing members and offer them more products. Kajabi has all the features you need for this part of your business as well. 



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Membership sites and courses are a great business model because they get repetitive sales that add up over time. Kajabi is a top platform to build your site and reach your audience.


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