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How-To Create Virality & Brand Awareness: Online Marketing Strategies for TpT Sellers

blogging brand awareness social media marketing viral awareness Jun 14, 2021

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies available out there for you to consider. One of the most important goals that you will need to have as you move forward with a content marketing campaign is the understanding of how to create content that goes viral. If you can create content that goes viral, you can end up receiving the maximum return out of your investment. 

Here are some useful tips that you can keep in your mind to create content that goes viral:


- Keep your content short  

If you want to make content that goes viral, you will need to keep it brief. Shorter content (for blog posts, 500-1000 words) is able to go viral quicker than longer content is because it is able to grab the attention of viewers and retain it throughout the piece. This is true for blog posts and other content such as YouTube videos. You will be able to deliver your important concept or message that you are trying to communicate to your audience because your viewer stays with you the entire time.

Longer content can provide value and quality to your lead or potential customer, but the chances you have to make long content go viral are less. Therefore, it is better if you can stick to the creation of short content as much as possible and use your longer pieces as your pillar content for those who want to go deep into the topic and invest their time.


- Keep your content visual  

Just like you create short content, you will also need to think about keeping your content visual. Simple blog posts that consist only of bodies of text will have very little chance of going viral. When you open a long and boring article, you will not feel like reading it at all. If your content is too long, your audience will not feel like engaging with it. Hence, you will fail to make your content go viral. Anyone who are into content marketing or is using their content to promote their products as an online marketing strategy should keep this in mind. 

For example, if you add a video to your landing page or blog post and use it to replace a chunk of content, you will be able to boost conversions by around 86%. People are becoming increasingly more interested in visual content and Video Content is now out-performing. Tiktoks, Instagram reals, and embedding your YouTube videos into blog posts are all amazing strategies for creating virality and getting eyes on your products and online content. If you have an online store, no matter the area (Shopify, TeachersPayTeachers, Etsy, Etc), you will notice a significantly higher reaction to your promotional content when you include Video. People are generally more interested in taking a look at visual content, instead of reading content making it a good strategy include those visuals as often as you can.

This doesn’t mean that you should completely get rid of the text. You can still have text-based content, but make sure that you do it with visuals embeded into the text after every couple paragraphs, with the help of videos and images to further engage your audience.



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- Organize a giveaway  

One of the most effective methods available for you to make your content go viral is to organize a giveaway. This is not a common method of making content viral or to gain viral longevity, but you will be able to attract lots of people to your content and create brand awareness by playing your cards right.  

People usually love to get free stuff so this is why you will be able to grab the attention of people with a giveaway. Along with that, you can easily create brand engagement and brand awareness. Giveaways are great for grabbing attention to your online store or business, especially if you have a TeachersPayTeachers or Etsy store. You don’t have to give expensive items to your audience. Branded merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, digital resources or products, or gift cards will be able to help you to make your content go viral with ease.  

Giveaways aren't the perfect solution for getting sales of products but can help attract attention to your social media profiles, gain new followers, and create brand awareness.


- Use a Great Hook for Attracting Attention

Social media networks are a great avenue available out there for you to make your content go viral. If you are trying to get the most out of social media networks, you will need to use a hook. You have to attract their attention within a couple seconds to keep them on your image or reading the caption. 

Catchy headlines on your content will act like a hook and will help someone decide if they'll invest their time in your content or not. You should take your time and create a compelling headline that includes keywords. You can include numbers in your headline or even include actionable items such as "How-To......". 


- Create content that people would share 

A useful strategy in having your content go viral is by creating content that is of high quality and that provides VALUE. By creating high quality content that provides value or solves a problem, people will be more willing or wanting to share your content online. To know what problems your potential customers are facing, you can always ask or survey your current followers or customers what they need help with.  

People tend to share content when they are moved emotionally or if they content causes a feeling. Like the feeling of satisfaction that their problem was solved. Happiness from learning something. An "Ah-Hah!" moment". Sadness. Any feelings! Feelings sell! This is why it is important for you to create content, which you can use to move people emotionally. People want to share something that made them FEEL.

- Understand your audience 

If you don’t have a good understanding of your audience, you will not be able to create content for them. You really need to know who your target audience is and what topics they are interested in reading or what problems they're facing and need help solving. Therefore, it is a must for you to understand your audience and create content accordingly. While you do it, you should also figure out why people follow you. You should deep dive and learn more about their backgrounds. If you are not sure of what your audience wants, you can always ask them over a YouTube video, podcast, on social media, or with a survey.  Then you can create the content THEY want to consume and deliver it with value and quality, you have a great recipe for virality. Your customers or leads will WANT to share it.

With the understanding that you have about your audience, you will be able to learn more about the space you occupy within their minds. You will be able to go ahead and create content that they would be interested in seeing the most. 

These are the steps that you should follow to create content that goes viral. Try some of these strategies and develop your own system as you get to know what your audience responds to and likes so that you can best serve your customers. You might have to spend more time creating content by following this approach but you will fall in love with all the outstanding returns that you can receive in the long run from providing quality, valuable content that your target audience or potential customers want to read or consume.


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